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  We are a dynamic and creative company who has evolved our business model to meet the changing needs of the life science industry.

A few words about us...

For more than two decades, the Technomark name has been synonymous with global development. Established in 1987 in London for strategic outsourcing to large pharma, today Technomark is an international life science investment group who has successfully merged its CRO outsourcing and venture capital backgrounds, through proactive Management.

Our investment track record started in 2000 with our first (and only) venture capital fund in which we invested in 8 life science companies (4 drug delivery/med-tech; 4 therapeutic), of which we have successfully exited 6 of the companies, and a 7th is still private and doing well. (Please click here for a summary of Fund I)

Since 2009 under our co-development business model, we share the risk and the cost of preclinical and clinical studies in exchange for some downstream remuneration. Through our small and hand-selected network of boutique preclinical and clinical CROs around the world, who are also our Limited Partners (LPs) in this round of investing, we offer significantly discounted CRO services (30-70%) as our form of investment, while allowing us to be more involved whether it be as strategists and partners, or just first-hand observers.

We invest by partnering with life science companies in all stages of development including very early stage preclinical, and late stage clinical, and we believe that our risk-sharing business practices are suited to the current market challenges.

Investment Summary
Industry sector:   Therapeutics, biotech, start-up, med device/diagnostic, med-tech, small/specialty pharma
Size of investment:   30-70% cost of the development studies
Investment stage:   Preclinical, IND-enabling, tox, Phase I-III
Return on investment:   Equity, downstream royalties, milestone payments, etc.
Geography:   Primarily US, UK and rest of EU, Israel