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  "Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."
~Andrew Carnegie

Our investment approach...

We invest using product development and CRO services as capital in order to share the risk and cost of the development program, while allowing us to be more involved and aware of the development program, even if it is just as first-hand observers.

We are flexible on the scope and stage of the development program, as well as the nature of our return on investment. Technomark only invests in projects in which we feel that we can make a difference in development or regulatory strategy by leveraging our internal expertise and global reach. We not only co-invest with other institutional investors, but also just with the life science company as part of a co-development agreement.

Investment Summary
Industry sector:   Therapeutics, biotech, start-up, med device/diagnostic, med-tech, small/specialty pharma
Size of investment:   30-70% cost of the development studies
Investment stage:   Preclinical, IND-enabling, tox, Phase I-III
Return on investment:   Equity, downstream royalties, milestone payments, etc.
Geography:   Primarily US, UK and rest of EU, Israel